The evening keynote session “Widening the Perspective on Digital Maturity” featured leading digital health experts who shared their expertise about digital transformation.

Anne Snowdon, Chief Scientist Research Officer, HIMSS Canada; Amy Trainor VP Clinical Systems Ochsner Hospital Group (US); and Shez Partieovi, Chief Innovator and Strategy Officer Philips Communications, Netherlands. The discussion was moderated and moderated by Charles Alessi Chief Clinical Officer at HIMSS.


The pandemic highlighted the importance of digital maturity for global health systems to improve financial and clinical outcomes, resilience, and increase their capacity.


Snowdon stated: “There are really emerging signs that digital maturity matters. It matters to safety and health, and experiences of our patient first and foremost. It will matter but it’s profoundly underdeveloped with our workforce outcomes and indicators.

We don’t have those automated interoperable digital tools at our fingertips that can immediately identify, how is the health and safety of our workforce? Are we able to sustain our workforce? Are they becoming infected with COVID, and where, and how can we prevent that to keep them safe?

Global systems do not have the right infrastructure to stream that data directly to decision-makers. I see this as healthcare’s post-pandemic future.

The panel agreed there was a need for strong change management strategies to step up digital transformation. Philips’ Partovi made the point that change management could be incredibly hard but moved forward when it was aligned with a mission and “when it improved experience”.

He advised healthcare organizations to concentrate on the positives and not the problems when implementing change.

Trainor claimed that patients had better outcomes when they were at the centre of care teams: “Traditionally, nurses and doctors, nutritionists and respiratory therapists all have information about you the patient. But this information isn’t always transparent. We have observed that patients are more satisfied when they are transparent with their doctors and nurses, as evidenced by our digital medicine programs’ success.

She encouraged others to accelerate their change management programs to improve outcomes. It can be overwhelming, but you will achieve success if you keep moving forward.

Snowdon suggested that organizations should start from a position in strength and build upon these strengths to accelerate faster. Also, remember to “measure. measure. measure.”

Partovi agreed that it was crucial to be able to measure accurately and focus on the outcomes. He encouraged people to take small steps forward. Transformation is an iterative process that involves agile experimentation. Reduce the need to change, and do it continuously. It’s not about a state. It’s just a process.

Access the HIMSS European Digital Conference’s session on “Widening of our Perspective on Digital Maturity”, which you can access here.

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