As your baby grows older he will face teething, a stressful stage for both baby and parent .  

While cutting teeth is a pediatric milestone , the first couple that erupt are the most painful, especially for infants. Because of this , your baby might want to bite something which will provide sweet relief from the pain. This is where teachers come into the picture.  

Teethers give babies with sore gums something safe to chew on, a safe alternative to literally everything else they could bite, including you. Here’s what we heard about Sophie La Giraffe.  

Produced by Vulli and considered a classic at this point , this teether/toy was well trusted for over 55 years. Praised by parents, this 100% rubberized giraffe is soft and squishy, making it perfect for sore gums. The toys pattern and squeaking sounds also help with hearing and visual stimulation, while the long chewy limbs help reach parts of the mouth which other teachers cant. And for the long run , the giraffe can act as a reassuring and comfortable buddy to your baby as she grows up. You even get an included Sophie story which you can read to your child.  

The giraffe has a perfect 5-star rating, alongside over 11,000 positive reviews. For example, 1 review praises the teether for not just being soft but for its ideal toddler-friendly size. One reviewer called it a godsend for helping facilitate her infant ’s sore gums, while another said the giraffe is a night-time companion. The teachers price and quality appear well regarded.

Consequently , Sophie La Giraffe is our best option for teething babies.

Medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MS, RN.
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Top pick, baby teether Photo by Sophie La Giraffe

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