Ever spent some time playing with your baby and noticed red and blotchy skin where it touches the diaper? Or, have you found that particular lotions and creams cause irritation ? Your infant ’s skin might be sensitive, and your diaper of choice may be aggravating the matter .

Diaper manufacturers now use technologies to create types designed to either help them stay drier for longer, or make them more effective . Additionally, there are babies that only find difficulties in these inventions .

These often lead to diaper rash, which then contributes to distress and tears. Diaper manufacturers have created options for those babies with both eczema and sensitive skin. We’ve found that the best of this bunch is The Honest Company Club Box Diapers.  

Made from plant-based materials that make them eco friendly , these hypoallergenic and hyper-absorbent diapers are created for infants with eczema and sensitive skin. Comfort is also guaranteed due to the elastic waistbands, stretchy side panels and fastening tabs. There’s the cloud-like liner to comfort your baby’s delicate skin all while it works to keep moisture away . The diaper has a multi-layer design that offers protection from leaks — up to 17 percent of its own weight . Last , the diaper’s bio-based center is made from sustainably harvested fluff pulp, which is comfy for babies with eczema issues . The product itself is free from any chlorine, latex , fragrances or lotions that could possibly aggravate the skin.  

The diaper holds a 4.5 star rating alongside rave reviews in Amazon, with satisfied parents writing that they think The Honest Company has made the most effective biodegradable diaper on the market , but also its product is a great selection for the budget-minded. The selling point, however, is how effective these diapers are at keeping your infant ’s sensitive skin rash and irritation-free, while multiple reviewers stated the diapers are even softer than they used to be. The price point has also been commended .  

We therefore recommend The Honest Company Club Box Diapers for protecting your infant ’s sensitive skin from rashes, irritations or even eczema.  

Here’s our best diaper pick for eczema and sensitive skin. Honest Company Club

Article medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN
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