InterSystems this week announced that it would join the Vulcan FHIR Accelerator Program, which was recently convened by Health Level Seven International to enable greater interoperability for clinical researchers .

The provider joins government and regulatory agencies, standards-development groups, academic institutions, life sciences and technology vendors and others. The goal of the initiative is to broaden the reach of HL7’s FHIR interoperability spec to include clinical research .

With its membership in the new multi-stakeholder project, InterSystems aims to accelerate progress toward a “learning health system, ” by enabling easier exchange of research data with clinical-care data, improving translational research for improved patient outcomes.

The Vulcan FHIR Accelerator Program was launched in August 2020 to help mitigate waits for investigators in securely and efficiently acquiring electronic health record data .

By leveraging FHIR to streamline the sharing and accessibility of clinical data , the intent is to boost efficiency and enable more and quicker therapeutic discoveries.

For its part, InterSystems provides a deep data-sharing encounter to the Vulcan program, “powering the representation and exchange of a unified healthcare record among payers, patients, academic health centers and other healthcare organizations to create tools for transitioning real-world data from EHRs to clinical researchers focusing on the most recent medical therapies , ” according to the company .

InterSystems will help with fine-tune data exchange from the point of selection to the clinical research setting, it said.

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based InterSystems has long been a vocal proponent of FHIR-based information exchange.

In 2018, InterSystems became part of HL7’s Da Vinci Project – a similar initiative to the Vulcan accelerator, but one designed to utilize FHIR to enable closer payer-provider data sharing for value-based reimbursement versions .

This past November, the company updated its HealthShare platform with expanded FHIR capacities to enable broader access to provider, payer and pharmacy benefits information . Other efforts include the launching three years ago of InterSystems’ FHIR interoperability sandbox.

” Clean , aggregated, and normalized data is critical in clinical care, and the backbone of efficient medical research,” said Don Woodlock, vice president of Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems, in a statement this week about the business ‘s Vulcan membership.

“Driven by data and committed to expanding interoperability to improve patient outcomes, we’re proud to join the Vulcan FHIR Accelerator Program and work hand-in-hand with other prominent stakeholders to provide data from the EHR appropriately to clinical researchers who will leverage this ‘unified research document ‘ to discover breakthrough treatments in health care , ” he said.

“As a trusted partner for some of the world’s largest health care organizations, InterSystems brings deep expertise and understanding of the value of interoperability, ” added HL7 International CEO Dr. Charles Jaffe. “We look forward to using their experience to assist clinical researchers more effectively acquire and exchange critical health information . “ 

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