If you are like everyone else these days, you’re trying to come up with ways to lower your electric bill. And although there are some areas that have been subject to slightly warmer winters or cooler summer conditions, the habit of manipulating things within our homes to achieve an ideal temperature is always there. But don’t succumb to that temptation! All you need to do to lower your electric bill this winter is to be mindful of a few simple tips.

1.) Use A Programmable Thermostat.

The source of our largest expense at home is heating and cooling, but based on external temperature and personal preference, it can be subject to large spikes. You can reduce the energy you consume and lower your electric bill by resisting the urge to turn up the heat or turn the thermostat down, but when that isn’t enough you should consider installing a programmable thermostat. With this device, you can simply program the temperature according to time of day without the need for adjusting it manually.

This will allow the thermostat to make the changes automatically which will not only help your home to be more energy efficient, it also allow you to circumvent some of the traditional expenses of heating and cooling. This can be done by having your thermostat set the temperature to more cost-effective levels during periods in which no one is home or when you’re asleep. This will save you money and is even better because you can have your thermostat ready to set things right for the time you awake or arrive home.

2. Extra-insulate your home.

In the winter months, the bitter cold of the outside temperature can threaten the comfort within homes. There can be many causes for this but one of the most prevalent stems from poor insulation. Insulation is the protection that enables your home to maintain its temperature, both the heat during the cold months and the cool during the summer months. And because of its capability, insulation enables you to save energy and ultimately money.

3.) Wear comfortable clothing.

One of the most effective ways to keep yourself comfortable within your home throughout the year without spending a lot of money is to dress up or down based on the temperature. While in the comfort of your own home, don’t hesitate to bundle up a bit more in the winter or go for short sleeves and a pair of shorts in the summer and spring. As you make the adjustment to your attire, you can manage how you’re feeling without utilizing any electricity-draining appliances or devices to regulate the temperature. This will keep you feeling cozy while still preventing you from running up your electric bill unnecessarily.

4.) Wear Your Air Filter.

As you go about doing your housekeeping, be sure to keep an eye on your air filter. The purpose of the air filter is to catch debris like dust, pollen, and lint, and circulate the clean air throughout the cooling and heating system. This helps to keep the HVAC in proper working order which is the key to energy-efficient central air and heating systems.

5.) Lower the temperature on the water heater.

Coming in a close second to the cost of heating and cooling within the home is the water heater. This is the appliance that is responsible for distributing hot water to sinks and showers, along with laundry machines and dishwashers. A portion of the expense comes from the heater maintaining a store of warm water in a tank. There are tankless water heaters, however the majority within homes come with a tank. By lowering the temperature a few degrees, you can shave some money off your electric bill.

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